With every other blog out there, why follow this particular blog?


You may be asking yourself, “How is this blog any different than all the other blogs out there already?”

It’s possible that, on the outside, it may not appear to be much different. What you will see is a blog filled with honesty and experience that encompasses my love for reading, writing, and my children.

My intention is that once you dig in, you will find that this is far more than just another run of the mill blog written by a mother who loves to read. My desire is to make this a place of sanctuary for anyone who is a parent or has a passion that truly takes over his or her life.

Your passion doesn’t simply have to revolve around the world of reading, writing, or raising children. These are simply my passions.

This will be a blog for anyone who finds they love something and simply wants to show it off to the world. I’m thinking that through my own example, perhaps others will be able to understand the how and the why of showcasing it for other people. Maybe this blog can serve as a kind of guide for how to show gratitude and love in everyday life.

Basically, this blog is a reflection of my life. It will show me doing what I love. I will be detailing the struggles and success that come with raising the ones that call me mom and the love I have for the man that married me all those years ago. This blog will also be a way for me to show how we develop love and happiness and how we make it day by day.

I really want this blog to be an honest expression of how my family lives in blissful chaos. While my life may not be as glamorous as some in this world it is all mine and I wouldn’t trade it for any other!

fbphoto3This picture encompasses my three favorite things!




First blog post


Meet the Family

My family is everything to me. Even though we may seem chaotic and loud and large by today’s standards, these people are my life and I don’t know how I could exist without them.

First off is the hubs.  We first met while serving in the Navy over twenty years ago. A survivor of cancer, he is no stranger when it comes to beating the odds when everything seems stacked against him. Through it all, he continues to be a wonderful husband and father to our four crazy kids. He is also an avid sports fan and has taught me all I know concerning this subject throughout the years.

Next is the girl that taught me how to love unconditionally and was the first to call me mother.  My oldest daughter is Blue Eyes. She is just that, a beautiful girl with big blue eyes who loves her saxophone just as much as I love my computer. She is the big sister and person who made me the mom I am today.

The next child in order of birth is Old Soul. This is the only way to describe her because that is simply what she is, an adult trapped in a tween’s body. She is a sweet girl whose one joy in life is baking. I swear this girl is out to make me fat with all the treats she bakes for us on the weekends.

Then there is Miss Priss, my feisty girly girl. There is a whole lot of sass in her little body, but she keeps us on our toes and finds new ways to surprise us daily. The girl can pull off high heels in a pair of jeans or shorts, making new fashion statements daily.

Rounding out our family is Mister Monster. He is the spoiled boy in a pack of older sisters. I hate to say it, but I don’t see the pampering that this boy receives changing anytime soon.

These five people make me the writer, reader, mother, and wife I am today. I’m hoping that this blog will show you just how our family lives and loves each day. Maybe it will even provide a few laughs along the way. Enjoy!


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