Am I the only one with this struggle?



I want to be organized. Lord, do I ever want to be organized. (Of course I want to be a super model and millionaire too-being organized seems about as achievable for myself as the prementioned.)  Believe me when I say that I have tried everything to get there. I have easily purchased my weight in plastic bins and have a forest of cubbies all over my house whose sole purpose is to keep my crazy life as organized as possible.

I have lists of chores for my kids to follow (even I roll my eyes and laugh at this one) and planned out menus that is supposed to make shopping and planning out my week easier. I could honestly sit here and continue to list out at least a thousand schemes I’ve come up with over the years to bring order to the chaos, but who has time for that?

I can’t even begin to tell you the frustration I feel when I walk into several of my closest friends’ homes and find them perpetually immaculate. Even when I am staying with them I never see them lift a finger to do more than load a dishwasher or serve a meal. It drives me insane! I honestly feel that for me to keep up with this type of appearance that seems so easy for them would become my full time job.

Now, I could blame my lack of organization on the slobs I gave birth to. Don’t get me wrong here. I love my children with all my heart, but I am under no misconceptions on how messy my kids make my house.  However, besides their messy tendencies, they are all just as unorganized as I am. It’s almost as if my brain has a desire to be organized but loses focus once action is needed.

When I decided on becoming a stay at home mom, I had this vision that my house would be as clean as a hospital and the hubs would come home to dinner every night. The only thing missing would be the pearls June Cleaver wore while cleaning her home in her dress and heels. However, real life (at least for me) doesn’t work out quite like that.

Now let me make it perfectly clear that by saying my house is unorganized, I am by no means saying it is a disgusting mess. I approach my home with a set of priorities in mind. I really think life is better that way.

In my opinion, if my dishes are clean and the kitchen is thoroughly wiped down, I’m calling it a win for this disorganized mom. Remember my push for color coded cups from a previous post? Organization at work!  (Small victories.)

Laundry is one of the worst things when it comes to keeping my life organized. If I am able to get clothes for myself, the hubs and Mister Monster washed, dried, folded, AND put away then score two points for this gal. My girls are all old enough at this point to do their own laundry. If they want to put clean clothes in the hamper and wash them again, that is all the more work for them to do. I am not flipping my lid over that anymore. It’s all on them at this point!

Bathrooms and floors round out my weekly cleaning goals. Once those are done, I know I can relax a bit.

Cooking is the one thing I find easy to do and maybe it’s because I enjoy this task. Since I find organization hard, I tag everyone in the family for help. While I may be a stay at home mom full time, the last thing I have is time to do it all by myself. Between my writing and chauffeuring everyone around, I find it necessary that my children help out where they can. Even if I didn’t have other things going on, my kids need to know that I am not their maid and that real life doesn’t’ work like that.  Hopefully my future daughter-in-law will thank me for this one day too!

Now, I just bared my soul to you and shared one of my greatest weaknesses in life. I would love to say that I expect this part of my life to get better soon, but after forty some years I am not sure it will. Now, I know that my most beloved slobs will one day move out and have a house of their own where they too will battle to maintain an advantage over the disorganized chaos of life. I’m sure it will consume them just as it has me. Maybe by that point I’ll have it figured out and will finally have a chance to catch my breath. Who knows? For now, I will continue to live in the clutter of my unorganized disorder, enjoying all the pandemonium my slobs bring in my life.

Please comment below if I am not alone in this.


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