Month: March 2017

Looking to the Future

Hey everyone!  I wanted to take a few minutes to give you all some information on the future of this blog and a few other things I’m working on behind the scenes. First, let me say that writing this blog has been such a…

Book Review # 8

The Things We Wished Were True Marybeth Whalen Author Marybeth Whalen holds nothing back as she masterfully weaves concepts such as a scorned lover, an accidental drowning, intense moments of stalking, a torrid love triangle, and a kidnapping in wonderful story that truly has…

Talk to Text Funnies

Chances are pretty darn good that if you find yourself among those that I frequently text, then you have received some real gems from me over the years. Let me first clarify by saying that I have a bad habit of going from talk…

Book Review 7

Summit Lake By Charlie Donlea If you have a need for a murder mystery that will get your heart racing and your blood pumping, then I’ve got the right book for you! Charlie Donlea’s debut novel, Summit Lake, checks every box in what a…

Am I the only one with this struggle?

  I want to be organized. Lord, do I ever want to be organized. (Of course I want to be a super model and millionaire too-being organized seems about as achievable for myself as the prementioned.)  Believe me when I say that I have…

If it was anything but a Country Song

I grew up an hour north of Seattle during the heyday of the infamous grunge scene. Years later when I joined the service and would identify being from Seattle, I often was asked if I had ever seen any of the more renowned bands…

Book Review # 6

Bad Mommy Tarryn Fisher If you ever want to take a ride on the crazy train then be prepared as Tarryn Fisher’s Bad Mommy has everything you’ll ever need. With a dynamic central character whose mental health is forever in question and a setting…

The Magic of True Love

By Diana Rose, YA Fantasy Romance Author


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